Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Manny Pacquiao's New Killer Combo Moves

Manny Pacquiao personally emailed me the killer combo moves he's going to use this weekend to put an end to Erik Morales's silly affectations.

The killer combo moves Freddy Roach "invented" for Manny are:

1. "Magic Sing" Fatality Strike: Down, Up, 4
2. "No Fear" Torso Punch: Forward, Forward, 4.
3. "Darlington Socks" Torso Explosion: Forward, Back, 3
4. The "Ronald McDonald" Decapitation: Forward, Forward, 1
5: Ripping Out Erik's Spine Using the "Magnolia" Combo: Up, Up, 4
6. Impale Erik With The New "Alaxan-Datu Puti" Arm-as-sharp-stake Combo: Up, Down, Up, 4


Nathaniel said...

nice moved by pacquiao effective.
can you e mail me too the e mail add of pacquiao..thanks

Nathaniel said...

nice moved by pacquiao..very efective..can you e mail me the e mail add of pacquiao? thanks..natsm16@yahoo.com

Mawe Barrios said...

This killer moves combo is funny as hell, dude. Mind if I feature your post on my blog?