Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Overheard At The Supermarket #1

Supermarket somewhere in Manila. Two guys debating right by the shelves of fruit preserves and jars of processed honey.

Dude 1: alam mo, hindi nilalanggam ang honey.

Dude 2: nilalanggam rin iyan.

Dude 1: ang orig na honey, hindi nilalanggam. yung honey na may halong asukal, yun ang lalanggamin.

Dude 2: baka ang tinutukoy mo, nagki-crystallize. honey na may asukal, nagki-crystallize, yung orig, hindi. liquid forever. kahit malamig.

Dude 1: pareho din yun. ang honey na orig, walang halo, hindi nilalapitan ng langgam, hindi nagki-crystallize.

Dude 2: [pause] ano ka ba. kung betlog nga nilalanggam, honey pa? e mas matamis yun.

Both dudes leave. I grab one of the jars of honey and throw it into my cart. I'm thinking, maybe I'll smear some of this shit on my testicles and wait for the ants, see who's right. It's okay. All for the sake of science. Then I'll post the findings of my randomized, double-blind experiment later, just to rid the world of debates like that one.