Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"And they're turning us into monsters"

“Wow! Ang galeng!”
Steven Spielberg

“Amputs! Ayuz! Parang tutoo!”
Spike Lee

“Sobrang ma-Force-y! Grabe!!!”
George Lucas

“Asan ang b**bs?”
Larry Flynt

My brother Marvin and I made this little video. Alright, it was Marvin who actually did most of the work, while I just reacted in my usual anal-retentive way over his shoulders. It’s our own take on the fun happenings currently changing lives and giving a 2010-boosting exposure to everyone concerned at the Philippine Senate.

Marvin did the editing using Swishmax and Sony Vegas version 5.0. Credit goes to all the unnamed sources of the images. The song is “Kids with guns” by Gorillaz. And when you think about it, it’s quite hilarious. Darkly hilarious.


Anonymous said...

I have zero knowledge in politics but coolcool muzak.

JB Lazarte said...

well, i can send you the mp3 file of that if you want.

The Wandering Deity said...

Jbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!! you are sooo everywhere!!! if we were married, i would have divorced you already! LOL!

JB Lazarte said...

yeah, im so sick of myself already. LOL!

C-DeVL said...

Great piece there! It's too bad I just knew you and through FAD! :P I never know you're the man behind it. I admire your works already. Read some of it. Very strong and vulgar. I like the way you do it.

I'm a frustrated writer, musician and activist. I wish I have your guts so I can express myself through writing and music. All I can do is whine... *sigh*